We created this blog to help us document the story of Malia starting at 29 weeks in utero. There have been and continue to be struggles for Malia and for us. It is evident to us, as you will see, that the power of prayer is mighty and God does love us and hear our prayers. We welcome and invite you to follow along with us. Though lengthy, start from the bottom to get the entire story so far.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Holding Malia

What a wonderful feeling it was today as I got to hold Malia for the first time! I waited almost 2 weeks for this moment and it felt so good! The girls also came with us to the hospital and they finally got to meet their little sister. Kayla was able to listen to Malia's heart beat while Lydi gently held her hand. It was a precious moment seeing our whole family together for the first time since Malia's birth. She continues to get better and tubes are disappearing left and right. They took her off the ventilator on Friday, transitioning her to CPAP , then today (AM) she was only needing small amounts of oxygen from a nasal cannula . Malia is also beginning to tolerate increased amounts of breast milk receiving 8ml every 3 hours. Isn't God good! My baby girl is absolutely beautiful, precious, and just down right perfect!