We created this blog to help us document the story of Malia starting at 29 weeks in utero. There have been and continue to be struggles for Malia and for us. It is evident to us, as you will see, that the power of prayer is mighty and God does love us and hear our prayers. We welcome and invite you to follow along with us. Though lengthy, start from the bottom to get the entire story so far.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


I (Alison) was feeling great, finally getting use to cardiac meds but I wasn't feeling baby girl move inside me at all that day and it was making me a little concerned. I spoke with the Dr. and she said we'd just monitor the baby an extra time in the late afternoon. We started monitoring baby at 4:00, by 4:15 I had 3 nurses in my room yelling out the door "page Dr. Martin". Baby's heart rhthm decreased for more than 3 minutes and caused concern for baby not doing well. The Dr. started doing an ultra sound and was preparing me for an emergency c-section if need be. She said if we don't see the baby move in the next 30 minutes, she needs to come out if we are going to give her a fighting chance (chance of survival was not very high). I quickly called Harley at home and told him "get to the hospital quick, something is wrong!" I cannot explain the emotions at the time but I know that I've never felt the power of God so strong in my life as I did then in those moments. I had complete reassurance that whatever was going to happen to baby Malia, was God's plan. I looked at Harley in the operating room after him asking me if I was ok and I said "All our days are numbered here on this earth. If we have 31 weeks with Malia or 30yrs or 90, God is in control." Once Harley arrived at the hospial he had about 2 minutes to process everything (he usually takes a little longer being the logical one) and I could tell he was overwhelmed but before I knew it, I was being whisked away to the operating room and within 30 minutes baby Malia was born. It might have been the longest 1/2 hour of my life as they were stiching me up and not knowing the prognosis of Malia. All I knew was that she was very sick and she had a long road ahead of her if she was going to survive. I just layed there and prayed for her little body to respond and for the dr's to know what to do. So many events had happened up onto this point that we believe weren't just coincidence but truely God's divine timing so I clung to the hope that God has something BIG! in store for this little one.