We created this blog to help us document the story of Malia starting at 29 weeks in utero. There have been and continue to be struggles for Malia and for us. It is evident to us, as you will see, that the power of prayer is mighty and God does love us and hear our prayers. We welcome and invite you to follow along with us. Though lengthy, start from the bottom to get the entire story so far.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

More crazy heart medicine

The roller coaster of monitoring continues, we receive false hope from the generic doppler heart monitor and then the ultrasounds show the flutter. After increasing the frequency of Digoxin to no avail (after 5 days) they recommended adding a second heart medicine called Flecainide. Again, anxiety continued for us as this is medicine "for old people" with bad hearts not young healthy hearts like Alison. The fact that they put a dedicated nurse in the room 24x7 to monitor Alison did not help the anxiety initially. After a day of the new medicine Alison was feeling very good actually, again surprising the doctors/nurses.